Hello! I'm a creative professional from Sacramento, California.

I'm the Customer Support Content Manager at Lyve. I've delivered training, consulting, and/or technical work for companies like Apple, Google, Sling, and many others. I run a multimedia production house called Station To Station, and I'm a senior contributor for TapeOp magazine.

As a performer, producer, and songwriter, I've been in various bands including Deathray, Western Family Orchestra, LGS, Micronauts, etc. - I've made music things for Drag City, Sony Pictures, Star Trak/Interscope, Universal, and others. When I have time, I write music for film and solo projects, and also make electronic bleeps under the name Night Night. Between music and tech, I've toured all over the world. It's crazy fun.

I have a rad wife and son, and I'm in a perpetual state of confusion over just how stupid lucky I am to have them both in my life.